I Miss My Wife….

I miss you.
I know I don’t deserve you.
I know you don’t really want to be with me but I don’t blame you.
If I had to date myself I would probably feel the way you do too.
Maybe we can be friends…
Idk maybe I can help you find my replacement just as closure to know I left you in good hands.
I won’t bother you or go to your house, or ask you to come over, I won’t ask to hang out with you, and I spend time eating with you, I’d be happy with an hour a week.
I just want someone to talk to so I don’t lose my mind.
I tried.
I really did try I just want you to know that, regardless of how you feel.
I love you, and I need time to slowly lose feelings for you.
I just wish I could have met your standards.
Please try to enjoy the rest of your life, I wish you the best.
I will always deeply remember you.
I always pictured us having a future together.
I wish I could have made you feel more special.
I should have made you feel like I listened more.
I am so sorry for all of the distress and pain I have caused you.
Maybe this is for the best….


I miss you.
I know I fucked up.
I didn’t listen you when I should have. I let quite a few emotions get out of hand. I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself thinking about how I insulted you. How I hurt you. I can’t say enough that I am sorry. I know what I have to do to change. I shouldn’t have said the things I did. Especially when I didn’t mean them. I can’t say that enough. they were childish and immature and so was I. You deserve better. I want to know what I should do to try to prove to you that I am ready to change. Tell me what you want to see doing. You’re not going to forgive me. I’m just going to be that loser like all your other friends. I’m just really upset for my actions because I know I’ve lost you. I know i am considered to be crazy. I want you to take me back I’m ready to improve. But I know l am lying to myself saying that you will. I know that I let my frustration get the best of me, and I know you push me away when you see me frustrated in general. I promise to work on keeping emotions in check. Can you help me? I gonna start going to the gym. I think it’s gonna help me with things and over all make me a more cheerful person. Just talk to me. I want your attention, it’s kill me know that I made you cut me off. I just really need you as a friend right now. I’ve been thinking about you all day. I know you feel used and dirty. I don’t want you to feel that way. I don’t expect you to forgive me. I really need your friendship, so please…

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